Virtual Touch and Visualization Tools for Surgery and Medicine

Virtual Rehearsal of Temporal Bone Surgery

Our virtual surgical environment constructs interactive anatomical models from patient-specific medical image data. Images visually and haptically rendered to reproduce the look and feel of surgery. Evaluation of the system demonstrated strong correlations between virtual and real anatomy.

Haptic Rendering of Deformable Tissues

This project demonstrates haptic rendering of deformable tissue within medical images. We developed a proxy-based rendering algorthm that operates on volumetric data which allows for real-time deformation, and a process to generate a mesh from image data to drive a deformable body simulation.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Simulation

Endoscopic sinus surgery is a challenging procedure that can benefit from surgical rehearsal. We designed a simulator capable of constructing a virtual 3D model of the patient from a clinical CT scan. Surgically relevant anatomy seen during simulation can predict what may be encountered in the OR.

Six-DOF Haptic Rendering of Volumetric Data

We developed a method for 6-DOF haptic rendering of isosurface geometry embedded within sampled volume data. The algorithm uses a quasi-static formulation of motion constrained by multiple contacts to simulate interaction between a virtual instrument and volumetric isosurfaces.